BMW of Reading 10 Year Award

At BMW of Reading, yes, we have plenty of cars for sale but we also want to share something VERY exciting with you!

bmw Reading 10 year award

We have finally reached and accomplished a notable milestone over our 65 productive years of existing and we’d like to share our good news with you.

We are utmost proud to announce that with consistent efforts to provide high-quality experiences for all drivers who walk onto our lot, either online or offline, and our constant dedication to number one customer service, we are honored to have received a 10-year Best Car Dealership award from BMW of North America.


10-year BMW award

Tom Masano BMW Reading continues to maintain our reputation by solely choosing top-notch luxury, intricate craftsmanship, advanced models and by utilizing innovative strategies and mindsets – providing only the best for our customers by putting you number one.

We can’t express how happy and appreciative we are to have received this notable award from BMW of North America in 2020.

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As a Top-Notch New & Used Car Dealership, BMW Reading Customers & Drivers Can Expect:

10-year BMW award

Stay tuned for more exciting news from Tom Masano Auto Group & BMW of Reading and be sure to utilize newer and more advanced ways of shopping for vehicles and buy cars online today!