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BMW Car Service & Maintenance: When to Drop In?

August 25th, 2023 by
BMW oil change near me, oil being poured

Car Detailing Service Contact Us How often should I service my BMW? Good question! In order to provide your BMW with preventative care and maintenance, drivers should care for their vehicle at minimum, every 10K miles. It’s a good rule of thumb to have your BMW fully assessed at least once a year. This service…

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Electric Vehicle Service Center In Berks County, PA

June 2nd, 2023 by
BMW EV service near me Berks County

Contact Us EV Service About Us Owning an electric vehicle is an exciting accomplishment and driving one is loads of fun! Since vehicle wear and tear is inevitable, it is wise to drop in to the electric vehicle automotive service experts in Berks County, PA.  Head over to BMW of Reading and service your EV…

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BMW BEV Benefits Compared to Tesla

May 19th, 2023 by
Blue BMW iX for sale near me in Pennsylvania

BMW battery electric vehicles (BEV) tops the Tesla brand in terms of safety, reliability, style, luxury and fast-charging capabilities.  Contact Us Shop Electric About Us Matter of fact, the BMW brand has been around long before Tesla. Comparatively speaking, the years these companies were founded are almost off by a whopping century!  BMW: Year founded…

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Tips for Buying a Car In 2023

February 24th, 2023 by
BMW car buying tips

2023 is now in session and as a driver and car buyer, you may be wondering if now is a good time to buy a new or used car for sale? Contact Us Cars for Sale About Us It is a great time to buy a vehicle, as used car prices have decreased a bit…

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Electric Vehicle and Hybrid Car Repair and Maintenance Tips

November 2nd, 2022 by
electric vehicle car repair and maintenance

Electric vehicles and hybrids are a hot commodity now and in the years to come. EV’s and hybrid vehicles are continuing to progress and evolve as governments and the public support eco-friendly and green initiatives to try and curb climate change effects. Car repair and maintenance for gasoline vehicles is slightly different from electric vehicles and…

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Save on Fuel by Downsizing Your Vehicle

July 13th, 2022 by
electric vehicles for sale

New Cars for Sale About Us Contact Us With inflation hitting all-time highs, fuel is getting more expensive these days which is why it is important to be practical, logistical and think about ways to save by downsizing your vehicle.  Perhaps you own a vehicle which guzzles all of your fuel? If this is the…

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Car Detailing Near Me

May 12th, 2022 by
BMW car detailing near me

Let your vehicle shine and keep it smelling like a new car every day! Car detailing near me starts with the right automotive team to get the job done.  Contact Us Car Detailing Packages About Us At BMW of Reading in PA, drivers have complete access to certified car detailers who intricately and thoroughly upkeep…

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How to Factory Order a Car?

March 10th, 2022 by
how to order a car

Getting exactly the car for sale that you have in mind is every driver’s dream that comes true at BMW of Reading. BMW of Reading Customize Car Order a Car Near Me In today’s automotive world, ordering precisely what you want, whether it is for preferences related to paint color, model type, extra add-ons, the My…

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Best Electric Cars 2022

February 15th, 2022 by
electric cars BMW

What Electric Vehicles Will Be Available in 2022? Order iX Order i4 About Us Electric vehicles (EV’s) and hybrids are continuing to pour out into the automobile market as the years progress towards cleaner air and sustainable environment initiatives that look to preserve the earth’s resources for the better. Learn about 6 popular EV’s in 2022 and begin…

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What’s My Car Worth?

January 26th, 2022 by
KBB value by vin

How do I find out how much my car is worth?  Car Detailing & Cleaning Sell My Car What’s My Car Worth? At BMW of Reading, retrieve an instant valuation offer in seconds and find out how much your car is worth today! Utilize our car KBB valuation tool. There are plenty of reasons why…

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