Automotive Wonderland

Existing for over 75 years, we have evolved from a small and humble beginning and have become a thriving and exciting family-owned new and used car dealership in Berks County, PA. 

At Tom Masano Auto Group, we offer a vast range of new car franchises from BMW, Ford, Lincoln and Mercedes-Benz

Tom Masano Auto Group and BMW of Reading, maintains a large reach and has a 100+ mile radius of brand recognition. Our impressive Automotive Wonderland sets us apart from other car dealerships nationwide. We welcome you to enter an awe-inspiring auto oasis.

At Masano Auto Park, our location offers a 30-acre automotive utopia, which features a 250,000 square-foot immersive experience, featuring everything from classic cars, art, photography, sound, sustainable agriculture and more.

Our location combines traditional car dealership values with the ease of expedited online car buying which provides a seamless car buying journey.

Our Vision at Tom Masano Auto Group & BMW of Reading

Tom Masano Auto Group’s beating heart offers an eclectic strategy which fuses culture and commerce together and propels us into the future with innovative and adventurous energy.

Our vision is to strike a balance between traditional car buying and the digital efficiency of online car buying.

Our goal is to create an unrivaled market position appealing to every single customer existing. We honor diversity, equity, and inclusion. From convenience to a memorable car buying journey, you’ll find it here.

At Tom Masano Auto Group & BMW of Reading, we don’t follow bandwagon gimmicks for end of season sales or cliched advertising pitches; but we do showcase an incredible portfolio of automotive glory, top-notch facilities and hospitality that supersedes other car dealerships.

We aim to continue to build a profitable business and while doing so, our mission is to help contribute to a healthier community and an incredibly sustainable future for all, this way, our legacy continues far-reaching into the future.

Learn All About Our Family Tradition

Our roots extend far beyond and stretch back seven and a half decades. It all started with two brothers, Tom and Bruce Masano who created a car sales venture once returning from WWII.

It began with a single car, which gradually expanded day by day, and grew into a business. Now, sons John and Bruce have achieved yearly sales, approaching half a billion dollars. 

The journey wasn’t always smooth, as various challenges, economic downturns and external factors have always tested our resilience.

Our dedication to intelligent and hard work of our extended Masano family and talented coworkers have enabled us to thrive as a third-generation family business and have helped us overcome all types of obstacles.

We are an Automotive Wonderland  

Masano Auto Park is our masterpiece that we have given a new life to: an abandoned 30-acre, 250,000 square-foot former brass factory in Reading, Pennsylvania.

We are focused on reducing our carbon footprint, this is why, our Masano family decided to refurbish an existing facility instead of building a new one.

During the cold winter months, we use waste oil from oil changes to heat the entire facility, which further highlights our commitment and ability to continue sustainable practices.

Automotive Wonderland In PA: Key Features

Choose to buy cars online and have your vehicle delivered right to your door. Or, enter an immersive and colorful car buying experience at our new and used Automotive Wonderland in Berks County, PA. Come to Reading today!

We have a dedicated team of experts that operate the BDC, also known as the business development center, which handles customer service inquiries and more. Our team offers personalized and efficient results that you deserve. The BDC ensures that your car buying experience is full of the best assistance yet. 

We believe in simplicity. Sell your vehicle in 3 simple steps. Sell your car online or in-person. The process is easy: describe your vehicle, receive a virtual or in-person appraisal, lastly, receive cash or a trade-in value for a new or pre-owned vehicle at Tom Masano Auto Group or BMW of Reading.

Our new and used Automotive Wonderland was constructed with pure heart. From the very start, our aim was to captivate customers with a unique car buying experience which makes the journey to our car dealership, fun and fascinating for the entire family. Welcome to an auto dealership world full of wonder and excitement.

Our entertaining and interactive tunnel is what connects various buildings at Masano Auto Park. This tunnel is also known as the ‘fun tunnel’. It is filled with lights, art and sound effects that add to the immersive Automotive Wonderland experience. 

Music lovers, welcome to a visual and audio treat to be had. Enter a room enhanced with 50 of the world’s greatest album covers. Listen to iconic sounds and get ready to rev your new engine and turn up the music. Speaking of popular musicians, did you know, Taylor Swift’s hometown is our very own Reading, PA?

We keep up with the demand for electric vehicles. With state-of-the-art technology and tools, our certified EV experts offer a 15-bay car service center that is dedicated to maintaining and repairing your new or used EV. 

Drop in and capture a memory that you’ll never forget. Enter our photography studio in Berks County and get photographed right next to your new vehicle. This room features studio lighting and utmost clarity. Say cheese and show off your new dream car. 

We collaborate with the world’s largest auto auction company, known as Manheim. At Tom Masano Auto Group, we host our own auction and offer a unique and thrilling car buying experience for buyers and sellers.

When you head over to our new or used Automotive Wonderland in PA, you’ll also experience cartoon characters on our walls. The Car-toons room is meant to hold vehicles ready for delivery; ensuring that the car buying journey is fun and friendly. 

The Tiffany’s Room contains imagery from the classic film, “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”. Our indoor Automotive Wonderland showcases ten million dollars’ worth of the finest vehicles ever made. Another incredible feature includes a 15-foot, 4-panel Beatles Abbey Road album cover, offering an Instagram-worthy photo for everyone. 

PDI – UVI also known as Pre-Delivery Inspection and Used Vehicle Inspection offers all customers a thorough 138-point safety, maintenance and inspection check which makes certain that only the highest quality vehicles reach each and every customer.

Our certified automotive experts treat all vehicles with a meticulous approach. All vehicles enter our detailing salon where vehicles are washed, scrubbed and polished to restore their original radiance.

Any minor dings, dents and wheel wear and tear that happens during daily use is sent to our Bumper and Wheel Factory room which guarantees 100% that each vehicle departs our location in a pristine condition. 

At Tom Masano Auto Group, we certainly service commercial vehicles as well. Our Heavy Truck Service Center caters to Ford’s line of commercial vehicles, including Mercedes-Benz Sprinter trucks. Arrive and experience best-in-class vehicle service along with efficient and effective maintenance and repairs.

A bold and remarkable idea, Tom Masano Auto Group has implemented an Aquaponics Farm within our 250,000 square-foot Automotive Wonderland. With sustainability and agricultural delights, we are excited to announce that Harvest Moon Aquaponics Farm is turning industrial revolution and pollution into a sustainable food solution.

Masano Auto Park visitors can bring home fresh lettuce and other organic vegetables grown in our farm; further promoting agricultural values, family and love. 

With our strong commitment to sustainability, we also package our own boxed water in environment-friendly cardboard cartons. Enjoy refreshing South Mountain Spring Water and take some home for the family. 

Welcome to an exciting surprise. The ShowVroom is our latest project and this upcoming room plans to boost your Automotive Wonderland experience to even greater heights. Stay tuned. 

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