BMW iX Flow Concept All-Electric Color-Changing SUV [2022]

BMW iX electric vehicle (EV) for sale?

The future is no longer near, it is here! We are in it! In January of 2022, BMW has now unveiled the BMW iX Flow, a color-changing all-electric SUV for sale which is a concept EV that is the first-ever type of design in the world!

This advancement was first revealed at the CES Technology conference held in Las Vegas, Nevada in January 2022.

The iX Flow exterior paint changes colors with a simple touch of a button!!

Ever bought a vehicle and thought back and wished, “I wonder what it would look like if I had a different paint color?”

With white, black and grey, drivers will have plenty of paint color options to choose from. Hypothetically speaking, this innovation could possibly lead to other color choices in the future. 

BMW did not want car buyers to have buyers remorse whatsoever when it comes to design, comfort, capability and exterior paint colors, which is another reason why this highly advanced concept all-electric SUV includes color-changing capabilities.

BMW iX Flow black

From white to black and black to white again in an instant! BMW offers advancement unlike any other car manufacturer in the market!

BMW will continue to lead the luxury vehicle market with these types of digital creations and innovations. 

With E-Ink and electrophoretic technology, BMW has entered a new world and age which makes all of this possible. Three layers of paint allows BMW to create a reality of progressive change and range with electrical signals that enable this feature. 

It is important to realize that the color-changing material also known as a type of body wrap is similar to the technology used to make the Amazon Kindle E-Reader.

Believe it or not, there are many benefits provided with this new type of technology. For one, efficiency and self-expression.

It’s a given that all-electric vehicles will create sustainability when it comes to gasoline. EV’s will also eliminate greenhouse gas and carbon emissions from emitting into the earth’s atmosphere but the efficiency surely doesn’t stop here.

On really hot days, a driver may prefer a white paint color opposed to black as the color white reflects the sun right off of it. This feature alone will enable a literally cooler mode for drivers and passengers all-around.

How much is the BMW iX Flow

Keep in mind, the BMW iX Flow Concept EV is not for sale just yet! Let alone, this electric vehicle SUV for sale has not even made it into BMW production stages quite yet….So be patient and get excited. Here at BMW of Reading, we certainly are!

Good News: For now, in the year 2022, car buyers can focus on the new 2022 BMW iX SUV for sale!


So, questions remain for BMW connoisseurs: 

How much will iX cost?

Around $83,200 + a $995.00 destination charge for the 2022 BMW iX xDrive20. Although, this electric vehicle for sale will not reach new and used dealerships near me until the early months of 2022!

Is the BMW iX available? 

BMW iX pre-orders have already taken place in 2021. But car buyers can still place orders! Deliveries begin in March 2022. Perhaps you placed an early order and delivery? 

If this is the case, car buyers and drivers can expect to receive your new BMW iX by June 30, 2022.

Does the BMW iX have a frunk? 

For those of you who don’t know, a frunk is a front truck. No, the BMW iX  EV does not have a frunk. But if this is a feature that you cannot live without, drivers may want to look into the Ford F-150 Lightning all-electric vehicle to gain access to a large and spacious frunk.

Is the BMW iX a 4 wheel drive? 

Yes, the BMW iX combines 4 wheel drive to both versions available.


Of course, at BMW of Reading, we understand that you have questions about new innovations and happenings, which is why we ensure all of our customers stay informed with up-to-date insight regarding everything BMW.

For now, drivers and car buyers who want the BMW iX Flow will have to wait until this model actually hits production. The sale date is not yet disclosed. 

Stay tuned for futuristic electric vehicle insight and get excited about innovation, design and intelligence that surpasses everyday norms.

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