Paint Protection Film + Window Tint In Reading, PA

Paint protective film (PPF) keeps precious vehicle paint free from any scratches, dings and chips. When vehicles obtain faulty cosmetic issues, they can quickly turn into larger and more expensive problems.

Tint your windows for vital sunlight and UV ray protection that you need.

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Paint Protection Film Works!

Is paint protection film worth it?

Paint protection film (PPF) is worth it! PPF helps minimize the risk of paint damage to your vehicle. Protect your vehicle from rock chips, paint scratches, chemical stains, hard water spots, bug splatters and more.

Consult with our car experts in Reading, PA and keep your car looking brand new!

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Paint Protection at BMW of Reading

Benefits of Paint Protection Film

1. Protect the surface paint of your vehicle; avoid damage & every day wear and tear
2. Block against UV radiation (UV rays from the sun can oxidize and fade vehicle paint, making your vehicle look worn out and old quicker than you think!)
3. Cost-effective; increase and maintain your resale vehicle value

Ask our experts in Reading, PA and protect your vehicle paint today!

If you value your vehicle and you have a high-value vehicle, paint protection film (PPF) offers an ability to upkeep your resale value as minor scratches and chips can dramatically affect the vehicle’s worth. 

PPF preserves your vehicle’s paint and helps reduce exterior damage ensuring that your automobile lasts a lot longer while looking its best.

PPF usually lasts anywhere from 5-7 years. Of course, this depends on driving conditions, typical wear and tear and car care. 

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(The National Skin Cancer Foundation backs this film package)

Automotive Protective Window Film:

The bright sun shines as you drive in your vehicle to and from your destinations. UV rays are harsh on your vehicle and especially your skin.

Ask our window tint experts and keep UV rays at bay!

What is the purpose of vehicle window film/tint?

Window tint minimizes and blocks out UV rays while driving. The tint can make your interior vehicle a lot cooler in the summer months, reduce glares from the bright sun and add an extra layer of comfort and ease for your eyes.

Vehicle Window Film + Ceramic Tint FAQs:


Can I roll down my windows 1-day after receiving a tint job? 

It is recommended that customers leave their windows rolled down for a minimum of 24-hours after the window film tint has been applied and installed. 

Does window tint get darker on the first day of application? 

When the window tint adhesive sets, it may appear that it is getting darker but this just means the adhesive material is reacting to the heat and sun exposure, which makes it appear as if it’s getting darker. 

Window tint air bubbles: Do they go away? 

Visible small bubbles are common after newly installed tint. In most cases, these small bubbles should disappear in a couple of weeks, although they may take longer to completely go away in cold weather conditions. Take note, window tint air bubbles will vanish quicker in heat.

Is ceramic window tint worth it? 

Although ceramic window tint costs more than other materials on the market, this material provides the highest quality and performance. The film offers exceptional protection against UV rays, distributes higher-level heat rejection and offers outstanding glare control.

How many years does ceramic tint last? 

Since ceramic tint applies non-conductive particles, ceramic tint reflects UV rays and absorbs light at the same time. Although this type of window tint is more expensive, it can last up to twenty years, which ensures this vehicle investment is well worth it! 

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