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Xpel ultimate plus paint protection film


Protect your vehicle paint and have peace of mind. Unwind while you drive.

Cracks, Chips and Dents?

Enhance vehicle and paint security with paint protection film.

Call the experts at BMW of Reading

Our service experts are trained, certified and ready to help you keep your vehicle looking brand new.

Full Vehicle Paint Protect Film

full front

Packages Starting at: $899.00

• Keep paint free from scratches, dings and chips

• Avoid damage and every day vehicle wear and tear

• Block UV radiation (sun UV rays can quickly oxidize and fade paint on a vehicle, making it appear older and more worn out)

• Keep resale value and choose a cost-effective solution while ensuring your vehicle stays brand new looking

Paint protection is known to last anywhere from 7-10 years. Although, the timing of wear and tear is dependent upon various factors which include driving conditions, regular car washing, car maintenance, care and upkeep.

The pros end up outweighing the cons. Paint protection film limits damage to vehicle paint and helps protect exterior surfaces from scratches, chips, chemical stains, hard spots, swirl marks, bug splatter and more.

Yes! Paint protection film (PPF) saves drivers money down the road as this protective layer/coating helps keep cracks, chips, dents and scratches away and at bay.

If you plan to resell your vehicle, this option will help keep your vehicle looking brand new! 

Having to repaint a vehicle is not only costly, but it requires a lot of labor. PPF is the answer to maintaining vehicle value and look. 

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The sun shines bright. Protect you and your passengers from UV rays. Gain the UV protection that you need.


Our new and used car dealership is located in Reading, PA.


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Window Tint Prime CS (Basic Tint)

window tint near me pa

Packages Starting at: $169.00

Choose Glass Coverage:

• 2 front windows

• All windows

• All windows + front windshield banner

Window Tint Prime XR Plus (Ceramic Tint)

window tint near me pa

Packages Starting at: $259.00

Choose Glass Coverage:

• 2 front windows

• All windows

• All windows + front windshield banner

There are a few things you should avoid if you’ve recently had your windows tinted. Avoid: 

• Parking your car in the sun

• Don’t install tint over old tint (always let the experts at BMW of Reading handle installations and you’ll never second guess)

There are plenty of benefits when you decide to add window tint to your vehicle. For one, you can preserve your interior.

UV rays are harsh on interior surfaces and window tint is known to block UV rays. Increase your privacy, comfort and reduce glares while creating an all-around sharper look. 

Car Detailing Services

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Maintain your car's value and keep your vehicle looking fresh!

Is your vehicle due for car detailing?

Optimize your ride.

Call our certified and experienced professionals at BMW of Reading today.

Your drive is worth it!


(Final price may vary per condition and size of vehicle)

This service option is a combination of exterior detailing along with hand waxing, interior vacuuming, leather/vinyl dressings and a complete interior wipe down.


Vacuum seats, trunk, carpets, floor mats

Full interior surface wipe down

Interior window clean


Full wash exterior

Degrease & clean tires/wheels

Plastics & tire/wheel dressing

Includes tire/wheel dressing

Hand wax all painted surfaces

Exterior window clean

Door jamb & trunk seal clean


(Final price may vary per condition and size of vehicle)

Our platinum auto detailing package offers a comprehensive deep cleaning and covers vehicle exteriors and interiors while including high-quality hand waxing.


Deep clean trunk, carpets and floor mats

Leather conditioner or shampoo cloth interior surfaces

Headliner spot clean

Vehicle vent clean

Interior compartments emptied & cleaned


Engine bay wipe down

Clay Bar of painted surfaces (removes any contaminants)


(Final price may vary per condition and size of vehicle)

Welcome to our most thorough car detailing package to exist for your vehicle! Receive full-on exterior/interior detailing along with paint corrections/buffing and single pass compounding services. We present to you: a vehicle that looks brand new, right from the manufacturer.


UV protectant applied to hard surfaces

Door jamb cleaning


Wheel polishing

Hand buffing & single pass compounding (removes minor surface defects)

Car detailing near me in Reading, PA is a vital car maintenance strategy to keep your vehicle looking and feeling brand new. Remove stains and odors & preserve exterior and interior paint finishes. When you decide to get your car detailed every now and then, you will be sure to maintain your vehicle’s resale value. 

Car detailing costs range between $150-$500. Research experienced car detailing experts in Reading, PA to fit your budget or just drop in to BMW of Reading for all of your car detailing needs. 

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