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Online Cars for Sale: BMW Reading | FAQs

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You are the buyer and driver; choose when you test-drive your new vehicle. A qualified BMW representative will drive the vehicle to your preferred location to test-drive. We adhere to safety guidelines pertaining to state COVID-19 regulations.The purchase is final once you give final approval with proper forms and provide the signatures necessary to complete the transaction. Ensure the vehicle is in-line with your budget. Next, choose to pick up your vehicle or have it delivered to your home or work address once you submit the online transaction in full.
Of course, we deliver anywhere! Delivery shipping costs are FREE if the customer/driver has the vehicle delivered to a location that is within a 50-mile radius of our auto dealerships near me. We ensure to accommodate every one of our customers. Have a specific request? Call us at 877-866-6272.
There is no deposit fee required, but drivers MUST sign a lease or financing agreement. If you prefer to pay a down payment, the BMW Reading staff at 877-866-6272 can help you proceed with payment.
BMW Reading utilizes KBB Kelly Blue Book in order to value truck, SUV and car trade-ins. The online estimate is instant and populated from the information that you provide to us. This amount can then be used and applied to your truck, SUV or new or used car for sale near me purchase.
Tom Masano’s payment calculator tool ensures that you retrieve affordable options to buy your truck, SUV, or car for sale online. Pay for your new or used vehicle in full, choose to finance with a competitive monthly payment or lease, depending on your individual driving needs.
Most importantly, our team at BMW Reading Tom Masano will review full transaction details with each customer/driver before the transaction is FINAL. You will review terms, rates and agreement details with a BMW Reading staff member beforehand.Thereafter, we will resolve any issues before the delivery process. The buyer/driver will then pick a time and location drop-off. Your vehicle will then be inspected by a BMW Reading vehicle specialist. They will ensure it is ready for a 100% on-point drop-off. Choose a virtual tour. Allow our BMW specialists to go over your paperwork details in-depth for comprehensive customer service and 100% satisfaction.