5 Car Warning Lights to Never Ignore

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Car warning lights? Bypassing vehicle warning lights is one of the worst things that drivers can do. Car issues are bound to cause other problems down the road, in turn, causing drivers to pay higher car maintenance prices.

At BMW of Reading, our car maintenance experts want all drivers to be aware of the top 5 warning lights.

Keep a watch and never ignore these signals by simply bringing your vehicle into our locations.

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The automotive world is complex. Never wonder what a noise or car warning light is, find out the issue and solve it!

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1. Safety Airbag Notification

New vehicles for sale are designed with top safety features in mind. Airbags serve a major purpose when it comes to helping reduce the impact of car accidents and have been known to minimize bodily harm.

Protect everyone in your vehicle and if this alert comes on, head on over!

2. Don’t Skid – ABS (Brakes)

Get rid of the skid factor and if this notification begins, drive your vehicle onto our lot at BMW of Reading and choose car maintenance services and thorough car detailing that optimizes your vehicle for brake safety.

3. Low On Oil?

Not allowing your vehicle sufficient oil will only cause car parts to suffer as time goes by. If a car warning light turns on and an oil symbol is present, then it is vital that you act and take your vehicle in to receive quality car maintenance at BMW of Reading.

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Have you waited longer than 3,000 miles driven? Chances are, you are low on oil and need a fresh filter.

4. Car Engine Acting Up?

Engines? A lot can go wrong with engines. Although, a car specialist is needed to properly diagnose the situation and warning light. Trying to do so yourself may end in unwanted troubles.

Never opt for this route and always ensure that you bring your vehicle in to BMW of Reading car experts if this light is on.

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After all, solving one problem right away is better than having to solve plenty of issues that initially stemmed from one.

5. Dead Battery?

Batteries keep cars running along. If a battery car alert enters your dashboard, then it is imperative that drivers get this notification checked out before the vehicle no longer turns on and your mode of transportation is stuck!

Batteries are inexpensive, easily replaceable, and this issue can be solved in a matter of minutes.

Although, keep in mind, sometimes it’s as simple as cleaning the battery off and voila. Either way, leave these responsibilities up to the experienced car experts at BMW of Reading for a solution.

Never let ongoing issues arise with your vehicle as solving an automotive problem the moment it arrives is essential.

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