2021 i3 Electric Vehicle

i3 electric car for sale

We are finally in the future and electric vehicles are marking our economy with eco-friendly advancements for a good reason at BMW of Reading.

BMW i3? Think number one practicality and resource sustainability for all drivers and most importantly, think about the health of the earth!

It is important for drivers to think with an innovative mindset. Electric and plug-in vehicles are leading the way with massive savings and greenhouse gas protections.

Drivers: Get paid back for using zero fuel.

BMW has electrified this design with motivated efficiency which offers driving transformation. This environment-friendly model maintains safety for short and long-term purposes.

Take a drive on the city streets or highways; the i3 is a versatile vehicle, it is road-ready and witty in cities.

This model carries an 80-kWh battery that lasts up to 250 mph and allows you to drive clean and efficiently to and from your destinations with power charging ease.

Top BMW i3 Electric Car for Sale Features:

  • The i3 is aerodynamic, powerful, electric and fast.
  • The battery charge lasts up to 250 mph.
  • Charge your new 2021 i3 in less than 6 hours (get a good night’s rest & wake up to a fully charged i3).
  • Eco-friendly, electric, plug-in vehicles emit zero carbon emissions, in turn, creating zero greenhouse gases.
  • BMW of Reading offers best-in-class performance and handcrafted luxurious interior and exterior designs.
  • Smartphone connection capabilities allow you to control your vehicle with the simple tap of a button from your personal touchscreen. Warm or cool your vehicle’s temperature before you step foot inside of the driver’s seat or choose to lock or unlock your vehicle from the comfort of your palm.
  • The maximum Federal tax incentives received is up to $7,500; yet another major perk to help progress society into a greener world.
  • When it comes to charging this vehicle, the options are simple, considering electric vehicles are here to stay. Many progressive areas around the U.S. have implemented charging stations all-around, so it’s easy to get your errands done while charging this vehicle in a designated parking spot/charging station.

With advanced logic, the 2021 BMW i3 electric vehicle designers have created an efficient and effective vehicle that produces ultimate savings while putting drivers first.

Walk into the future and forget about gasoline as fossil fuels are becoming a product of the past in the green-thinking and eco-friendly world.

Accelerate, fast-forward and help become part of a sustainable movement by switching your vehicle for a 2021 BMW i3.

Contact our automotive family at BMW of Reading, learn all about the best electric cars for sale and get in touch with us today!