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     Vehicle Detailing Packages:

The Basics

(Included with All Service Appointments)

(Final price may vary per size of vehicle, condition and location)

At BMW of Reading, choose our most affordable vehicle detailing package, which includes an entire wipe down of the interior, a thorough vacuuming throughout the entire interior, and full exterior window cleaning services.

Est. time: 45 Minutes


• Front seat interior surface wipe down
• Interior vacuuming: carpets, seats and floor mats


• Exterior Hand Wash
• Cleaning and decreasing of tire grease
• Hand drying vehicle with clean microfiber towels for best paint care
• Cleaning of all exterior vehicle windows

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The Splash

(Final price may vary per size of vehicle, condition and location)

This service option is a combination of exterior detailing along with hand waxing, interior vacuuming, leather/vinyl dressings and a complete interior wipe down.

Est. time: 60 Minutes


• Vacuuming of seats, trunk, carpets, floor mats
• Full interior surface wipe down
• Interior window cleaning


• Complete car wash on all exterior surfaces
• Our experts dry vehicles exterior with quality microfiber cloths for best paint care
• We degrease and clean tires and wheels
• Includes tire/wheel dressing
• Hand waxing all painted surfaces
• Exterior windows cleaning
• Leather conditioner application if applicable
• Door jamb and trunk seal cleaning
• Plastic dressings (exterior)

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The Works

(Final price may vary per size of vehicle, condition and location)

Our platinum auto detailing package offers a comprehensive deep cleaning and covers vehicle exteriors and interiors while including high-quality hand waxing.

Est. time: 2 Hours


• Interior vacuuming
• Entire vehicle wipe down
• Deep cleaning of trunk, carpets and all floor mats
• We condition leather seats or shampoo and deep clean cloth seats
• Wiping down leather surfaces with a leather conditioner
• Headliner spot cleaning
•Vent cleaning
• Interior compartments are emptied and cleaned
• Wipe and clean interior windows


•Full wash (exterior)
• Clean microfiber towels are used to hand dry your vehicle
• Degrease and clean all 4 wheels
•Dress moldings, trim and tires
• Cleaning of trunk seals and door jambs
• Window cleaning (exterior)
• Engine bay wipe down
• Our experts hand wax high-quality wax on all painted surfaces • Clay prep for painted surfaces (removes any contaminants)

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Kitchen Sink

(Final price may vary per size of vehicle, condition and location)

Welcome to the most thorough detailing package to exist for your vehicle! Receive full-on exterior/interior detailing along with paint corrections/buffing and single pass compounding services that present a vehicle that looks brand new, right from the manufacturer.

Est. time: 4 Hours


• Vacuuming of entire interior and trunk
• Complete vehicle wipe down
• UV protectant is applied to hard surfaces
• Deep cleaning: trunk, interior carpets and floor mats
• Leather surface conditioner application and wipe down
• Headliner spot clean
• Vehicle vent cleaning
• Door jamb cleaning
• Interior compartment cleaning
• Wipe and clean all interior windows


• Full exterior wash
• Hand drying all vehicles with clean microfiber towels
• Trunk seal and door jamb cleaning
• Exterior window cleaning
• Add high-quality wax application to all surfaces with paint
• Exterior plastics dressing
• Degreasing and cleaning of tires and wheels
• Wheel polishing
• Tire & wheel dressing application
• Wipe down of entire engine compartment
• Clay prep for painted surfaces (removes any contaminants)
• Hand buffing and single pass compounding (removes surface defects)

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     A La Carte Vehicle Detailing Services:

Ceramic Coatings

(Final price may vary per size of vehicle, condition and location)

Seeking cutting-edge paint protection? Protect your new or used vehicle permanently. Ceramic Coatings sealant offers 9h hardness for paint resistance and durability.

Withstand environmental damage and some of the most powerful chemicals, which include bird droppings and acid rain; along with light scratches, swirls and oxidation.

Surfaces that are sealed with ceramic coating stop dirt and other particles from adhering to the hydrophobic and smooth qualities of this sealant. The UV resistance features enable drivers to maintain the vehicles original paint and color.

Vehicle Detailing Package Includes:

• Full wash (exterior)
• Clean microfiber towel hand drying
• Prior wax or sealant solvent removal
• 9h Ceramic Coating application
• Hand buff
• Clay prep for painted surfaces (removes any contaminants)

After 30 minutes, vehicles can be used for light and dry use only. After 4-hours, the vehicle ceramic coating should be about 95% dry.

Schedule a service appointment 3-4 business days in advance.

Est. time: 3 Hours

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Child Seat Cleaning

(Final price may vary per size of vehicle, condition and location)

Your child's seat needs a deep cleaning and detailing too!

(Service is an add-on and requires a package service)

Est. time: 45 Minutes

Add-on Child Seat Cleaning with a Vehicle Detailing Package!

Restore Headlights

(Final price may vary per size of vehicle, condition and location)

Out for a drive and notice your headlights are foggy or yellow-looking? Perhaps they are lacking in brightness? Let our automotive servicing experts brighten both headlights shine!

(Add-on requires a vehicle detailing package order)

Est. time: 15 - 30 Minutes

Book Headlight Restoration Services with Vehicle Detailing Package!

Est Time - 60 minutes

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