Used Dealership Tips: 10 Items to Keep In Your Car

September 2nd, 2021 by

Used dealership tips? As a driver, why wouldn’t you want to be prepared for the unexpected while you are out enjoying your time on the road?

At BMW of Reading, our new and used dealership believes that keeping essentials close by is vital.

Safety is our number one goal and extending the best drive experience possible is most important for every driver!

There are several items that drivers can proactively bring along in their car for an extra safeguard.

Learn what these items may be and save yourself the trouble with new and used dealership tips and 10 items to keep in your vehicle from the car experts in Reading, PA.

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1. Small to Medium-Sized Shovel

Believe it or not, once you equip you and your vehicle with a shovel, you can dig yourself out of any sticky situation that mother earth delves your way, really.

2. Durable Windshield Wipers

Strong windshield wipers that last are a great resource because if you can’t properly see when you are driving then it is dangerous to everyone involved.

Drivers can pick up durable windshield wipers at BMW of Reading and gain reliable car maintenance services.

3. Spare Tires

Having spare tires is another essential element and tool that drivers can carry in their cars just in case something happens to a tire while driving on the open road.

Tires are essentially what move vehicles, store back ups and take care of your current tires with regular car maintenance check ups.


4. Keep the Owner’s Manual Handy at All Times!

This vital booklet provides a plethora of helpful knowledge that could save drivers and passengers lives! If you can’t understand the information inside then hand it over to a car expert at BMW of Reading and the owner’s manual will serve as a helpful technical and mechanical tool.

5. Pack a Bag with Essentials and a First Aid Kit

Testy situations can happen when you least expect it. By knowing this statement in advance, drivers can prepare for the unexpected.

Store a backpack in the trunk of your vehicle and out of the attention of prying eyes. Pack everything from a first aid kit to any other items you deem essential to your physical and mental health.

You can also store your flashlight, extra batteries, warm blankets and non perishable food items; but be sure to renew your stash as expiration dates occur and time continues to pass.

6. Fuel First

Don’t think that running low on fuel is ever a good idea. Some drivers rely on the fact that some vehicles have a reserve tank, but it is never a good idea to test your limits when it comes to fueling up.

Keeping safe includes making sure to fill up your vehicle at a good time of the day for safety purposes. Always opt for a well lit area and fill er’ up to the top, this way, you don’t have to keep stopping at the gas station.

Never deal with running out of gas during the most inconvenient times and fill up!

7. Blankets

Don’t forget to have warm blankets packed away, you never know when weather conditions change and you or your passengers may need it.

As a new and used dealership that has been around for over 65-years, our car experts at BMW of Reading teach everyone how to be prepared in advance when it comes to staying safe while you are on the road or off.

Staying proactive and never panicking is one of the best tactics that you can bring along to your road trip journeys.

8. Flashlight to Cure the Night Frights

Having a flashlight with extra batteries around is always a bright idea, literally and figuratively.

For example, say you are driving and all of the sudden your tire goes out and is flat, perhaps there is a nail in it? There are many equations. Either way, you need a quick fix.

You’ll need to pull aside to a safe spot and see what’s going on. If it is dark outside, you won’t be able to see unless you are equipped with a flashlight. Keep one nearby.

9. Mini DIY Toolkit

Even though you’re not a mechanic it is still advised to keep a mini toolkit handy just in case you are in a situation and environment in which you need to perform small fixes on your vehicle and if no one is around to help you.

Save yourself and carry the right tools and information.

10. Jumper Cables and Portable Air

If you’re carrying jumper cables and portable air for your tires in your vehicle in 2021 then consider yourself equipped and ready to handle anything and everything on the road.

When car batteries are die, jumper cables provide enough power to crank the engine back on until the vehicle is driven to a safe place and turned off. If your battery continues to die then you may have to replace the battery completely.

vehicle jumper cables

Go ahead and pack your vehicle with these 10 essentials. New and used dealership BMW of Reading wants every driver to stay proactively safe. Stay up-to-date with the latest automotive tips and trends while driving you and your passengers ahead of the curve.

Browse certified pre-owned used cars for sale and gain reliable and valuable luxury today!

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