Used Cars for Sale Near Me? New Car or Used Cars?

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bmw ix3 electric vehicleDrivers: new or used cars for sale? First, you need to step back and take a look at your individual and unique situation. Before you decide to choose a used dealership in Reading, PA or a new luxury vehicle for sale, take heed to the following car expert guide, then make an automotive decision and stick with it!

As a car buyer, drivers could end up saving thousands of dollars by choosing a used car versus a new one.

If you are in the region of Reading, PA and surrounding cities which include: Lancaster, Berks, Lehigh Valley, Montgomery and Lebanon counties, drop in to our huge selection of vehicles for sale at BMW of Reading.

Drivers: Plan Your Budgeting Wisely!

If you decide that you want to finance or lease your vehicle for sale then you’d better determine the monthly payment you can afford; you will also need to consider fuel and insurance costs.

Ask yourself how much you make per month and itemize your current spend or use our simple finance calculator to expedite the process. Knowing this information will help customers determine how much money is leftover once all essential bills are paid.

Most importantly, ask a car expert at BMW of Reading and find a vehicle for sale solution that meets your monthly budget. Whether paying for the vehicle in cash, drivers can choose to finance or lease; the options are in your favor in Reading, PA.

New Vehicles for Sale Come Fresh From the Factory –  Zero History!

Ask yourself how smooth and seamless you want your car buying experience to be. With new vehicles, there is no history!

Drivers have a clean slate and do not have to worry about how the vehicle was driven beforehand. This is something to think about and a major plus when it comes to buying brand new cars, trucks or SUVs; you won’t need an inspection on a new vehicle as it comes straight from the factory.

If you opt for a used car, you will have to get the vehicle properly assessed before you buy it for safety and general purposes. Overall, opting for a new car is a much quicker process.

New Cars for Sale Come with a New Car Smell, Are Safer, More Innovative, Fuel Efficient and Extend a Comprehensive Warranty

BMW Reading new used dealership

Although, the votes are in for new vehicles for sale, there are also many reasons to look at the contrary: used cars for sale and what they offer.

First, Let’s Look at the Cons of New Cars:

  • New cars can be pricey!
  • Sales taxes can be higher on pricer vehicles
  • These cars must be bought from a new or used dealership near me
  • Insurance costs are higher to cover a more expensive vehicle

Used Cars, Pros?

  • Less expensive
  • Pay a smaller sales tax
  • Exploring the cars history is simple

Cons of Buying Used Cars for Sale:

  • Another driver discarded the vehicle for sale
  • Vehicle history reports are usually accurate, but 100% accuracy is not always the case
  • Sometimes used cars for sale lack a comprehensive warranty
  • Interest rates could be higher when it comes to financing used cars

The decision is yours. From the latest designs to pre-owned and certified models that are barely handled; there are a variety of cars, trucks, SUVs and work trucks to choose from.

Each vehicle meets drivers specifications according to safety, features, style, performance, appearance and more.

Browse BMW of Reading new and used cars for sale!


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