Used Cars for Sale at BMW of Reading – 5 Future Vehicles In 2021

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With technology powering so many aspects of daily life, drivers can now save time and a trip to a BMW near me by buying used cars for sale online.

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Drivers can also take advantage of the futuristic features and models that BMW keeps unveiling each year.

It just keeps getting more advanced in the world of BMW.

The time has come and it is finally 2021 – we can finally put 2020 behind us, so, let’s discuss the top five future vehicle for sale line-up at BMW

1. BMW iX

Take a futuristic type of ride in the BMW iX car for sale! It is the first Electric Vehicle (EV) SUV built by BMW from the ground up since the BMW i3. This EV will certainly be a hit in 2021 for design, luxury, and the fact that the range is up to 300-miles along with a robust 500 horsepower.

Powerful? Spacious? This isn’t a question.

BMW iX3 suv for sale

2. BMW M3/M4

Of course, all BMW connoisseurs have seen the BMW M3 and M4 unveiled in 2020, hence another reason why these used cars for sale are hot on the market in 2021.

Choose a sedan or a coupe, packed with an S58 engine and rest assured, this is the first type of vehicle of its kind that is all-wheel drive!

3. BMW i4

Get ready to hear more about the BMW i4 here in 2021, but it will likely go on sale in 2022. Picture this vehicle as a rival to the EV Tesla but much better.

With a 300-mile range and a strong 500 horsepower, this vehicle is not only designed to look futuristic, but it is the epitome of a high-performance electric vehicle marked with unique BMW luxuriousness.

electric car BMW i4

4. BMW M3 Touring

Wanting a station wagon design with luxury coupled with safety and performance? This model is long and carries the same internal makeup as the standard M3. Stay tuned as the M3 Touring car for sale will launch near the end of 2021, but not in the US – unless the petition works!

5. BMW 2 Series Coupe

BMW lovers that prefer the classic look will certainly take a particular liking to the BMW 2 Series Coupe model in 2021. Think of this version as a fresh design with improved technology. This car for sale is sleek, inviting yet timeless; absolutely nothing less.

BMW 2 series

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