Tips On Maintaining Your New BMW

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When you visit BMW of Reading, your local BMW dealership in PA, you are sure to find the BMW in Reading you have been looking for that will elevate your drive.

You will, however, have to regularly maintain your new vehicle and make sure that all of its components are in the best shape they can be.

Our expert staff at BMW of Reading, your Reading BMW destination, want to help you do that, so we have given several service tips below to keep your BMW in Reading operating at peak performance. Along with your appointments with our factory-trained service technicians, these tips should assist you in having a great time as your travel in your BMW.

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Remember to periodically check the fill level and cleanliness of your oil. This is one of the most important steps you can take because your engines depends on oil. Our experienced service department at BMW of Reading, your local BMW dealership in PA, does not want your engine to be ruined because of stale oil. We will gladly replace it when you bring your BMW in to us.

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Our factory-trained service technicians also recommend that you let us flush your cooling system and change your coolant at least once a year. We will use the proper amount of coolant to keep your cooling system in great shape and prevent any corrosion or deposits from building up inside the system. Another great practice is to keep the fuel topped off in your BMW. The fuel pump, which sends gasoline from the tank to the engine, is essentially a small electric motor. Since it is constantly working while you are driving, it will generate a lot of heat. If a motor becomes hot, it will eventually fail. Having a full tank will help prevent that from happening.

Remember that BMW offers a variety of programs all tailored to give your BMW in Reading the finest of care. They include the BMW Ultimate Care, BMW Ultimate Care+ and Value Service options. Feel free to ask our staff at BMW of Reading, your Reading BMW home, for more information on how these programs can help you. The tires and wheels of your BMW are crucial to keep your vehicle moving, so you will want to inspect them before you head off on a big trip. If you see any balding on your tires or if the spokes on your wheels seem chipped or broken, then those are signs that it is time to replace them. Feel free to ask our service department for their opinion.

Always keep a close eye on the status of your brakes, especially the brake fluid. It is hygroscopic, meaning it is very good at attracting moisture, which in turn can cause the components of your BMW to corrode and fail. During your service appointment, our technicians will replace your fluid and, if necessary, replace your brake pads as well.

Here at BMW of Reading, your local BMW dealership in PA, we hope you find these tips useful for your trips.

Always keep in mind that our experienced service technicians are standing by to ensure that your BMW in Reading receives the finest care that it deserves. Contact or visit us today to schedule your next service appointment!

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