Tesla Y vs. BMW i4 vs. iX for Sale

Electric vehicles are rising and the questions regarding advancement should never stop!

Innovation and progress moves us all forward and toward a common goal. It’s no wonder electric vehicles are imprinting a sustainable approach to driving in our ever-changing world of transportation. 

Between the BMW iX, the i4 and the Tesla Y, there are many new models to choose from. What you’ll want to focus on when deciding which one is best for you is: practicality and capabilities that match your lifestyle.

Ensuring drivers choose the best EV for your lifestyle and budget is vital. 

At BMW of Reading, we’re here to help you learn everything there is about electric vehicles on the market. This way, you can easily narrow down your search at BMW of Reading and choose the best EV vehicle for you.

The BMW i4, the BMW iX and the Tesla are beautiful and futuristic automotive designs. 

Electric vehicles for sale serve a common purpose: sustainability, futuristically and digitally advanced, #1 connectivity and efficiency for all.

These EV’s differ in the fact that one is an SUV, the other is a luxury electric vehicle while the Tesla Y is a compact sports utility SUV vehicle for sale.

BMW iX3 suv for sale

Tesla Y vs BMW i4 Vs BMW iX

BMW i4

The i4 is a luxurious airy and aerodynamic connective car while the iX is an all-wheel drive luxury SUV for sale, coupled with two electric motors, which is priced higher than the i4 and the Tesla Y.

As for the million dollar question, which is faster, Tesla or BMW?

Of course, this question all depends on who you ask. In terms of 0-60 seconds wise, the Tesla Y wins in this case by 3.5 seconds!

As for the BMW iX and i4, these two EV’s are pure luxury and innovation. Speeds in at 4.6 seconds for the iX and 5.5 seconds for the i4 in 0-60 seconds. Fast enough? Yes! But also a lot more luxury than the Tesla!

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Another vital component to think about is electric vehicle (EV) charging time and EV charging stations near me

Super Charger stations allow electric vehicle drivers the ability to charge your vehicle in no time! 

With electric vehicles charging forward, the need to charge up and constant availability will continue to expand.

How long do you have to charge your EV in order to gain its full capacity charge for driving? Know these numbers. 

Notable Highlights: 

Tesla Y: 

  • $58.9K MSRP: affordable
  • Charge up to 162 miles in 15-minutes at one of the 30,000 Super Charger station locations located around the U.S. 
  • All-wheel drive
  • Tax incentives up to $7.5K
  • Self-parking feature
  • Mid-size SUV
  • 330 mile battery range
  • 360 degree cameras
  • Ultrasonic sensors for car & collision detection and improved safety
  • 15-inch touchscreen 
  • Holds 5 passengers and lots of personal cargo space for recreational gear
  • Top speed: 155 mph
  • UV protection and glass roof


  • MSRP $83.2K
  • Drive luxury all-wheel drive 
  • Dual electric motors
  • Tax incentives up to $7.5K
  • With up to 324 mile battery ranges, travel from Los Angeles to Las Vegas, NV without needing to charge in between
  • Home and public charging? BMW charging is freely available and easily accessible.
  • DC Fast Charging 10 minutes: provides up to 90 miles of charge
  • A BMW wall box for home charges your EV anywhere from 0-100% in 12 hours max.
  • Maximum horsepower totals 516 hp
  • Smart and seamless technology
  • Plus more

BMW i4:

  • $55.4K is the starting point but for more intricate BMW trims the price will extend to $65.9K.
  • EV tax incentives up to $7.5K
  • Exclusive and sharp designs with unique accents and sleek trim 
  • Top speeds can range from 130 -140 mph
  • Airy and aerodynamic 
  • Feel as if you’re driving outside with a panoramic roof
  • Practically spacious and exquisitely luxurious interior design
  • Warranty is for 3-years/unlimited miles
  • The battery is under warranty for 6-years/60K miles

2 Model Types: 

  • i4 eDrive40: $55.4K
  • i4 M50: $65.9K

With the most advanced safety features, high performance and the latest technology implemented, the all-new 2022 i4 car for sale offers jaw-dropping approval to anyone who sets their eyes on this EV. For the iX; the same concept holds true.

EV’s have cleared the way for charging stations near me!

When it comes to electric vehicles, drivers need to ensure that they do their diligent research to reap all of the benefits envisioned. 

We get it, EV’s are popular and drivers have plenty of questions. Be sure to ask our car experts at BMW of Reading everything EV!

Make Sure to Pre-Order Your BMW iX SUV for Sale or the Luxurious BMW i4 Car for Sale and drive with ultimate sustainability and connectedness.

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