BMW i4/iX Car Order Program

  • BMW i4 EV
  • BMW i4 for sale

BMW i4 eDrive40

-Speeds: 0-60 mph in 5.5 seconds!

-Maximum horsepower up to 335 hp

-Drive up to 301 miles without needing a charge

-DC Fast Charging: 10 Min charge up to 108 miles

BMW i4 M50 for Sale

-Speeds: 0-60 mph in 3.7 seconds!

-Max horsepower 536 hp

-Driving range up to 270 miles

-DC Fast Charging: 10 Min charge up to 270 miles

Assertive & Fast!

Drive longer distances and get more done!

With an 81 kWh battery & estimated range of 301 miles, practicality & sleekness goes hand in hand with BMW i4 models. Balanced, aerodynamic & intuitive!

2 i4 Model Types Available: 

i4 eDrive40 & i4 M50

BMW i4 for sale
BMW i4 for sale PA
BMW i4 m50 interior

Order the new & all-electric future vehicle BMW i4.

Imagine large into the future and trace along all sorts of paths with greater efficiency, sustainability and luxury completed with sharp designs; appealing to every eye!

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BMW i4
BMW i4 edrive 40
BMW i4 m50 interior

BMW i4 Pros:

  • MSRP: $55.4K-$65K
  • 3-year unlimited Warranty
  • EV tax incentives 
  • 6-years/60K miles Battery Warranty
  • Panoramic roof. Choose to immerse yourself in the outside world…
  • Interior seating is spacious
  • 300-mile driving range
  • 523 hp (horsepower)
  • 80kWh battery capacity
  • Aerodynamic, smooth, sleek yet quiet
  • Professional and presidential 
  • Advanced, sustainable yet economically savvy
  • Within 4 seconds, drivers can reach 0-60 mph!

i4 offers long 300-mile range capacity before needing a charge!


Or Choose:

2 BMW iX Model Types Available: 

BMW iX xDrive40 & BMW iX xDrive50

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BMW iX grille

BMW iX All-Electric SUV

An all-electric SUV for sale that dominates every which way with sustainable confidence and stealthiness. 

BMW iX Key Features Include:

  • 300 miles per charge
  • 40-minutes of charging enables electric vehicle (EV) drivers to achieve an 80% charge
  • The battery size is just right – over 100 kWh
  • Power? Strike max horsepower of 500hp!
  • Speedster? 0-60 mph in less than 5 seconds!
  • Spacious and easily compared to the X5


Spaciously electrify your life! Technical designs, intricate, sharp yet sustainable – the BMW iX is absolutely relatable! Undeniably so…

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