“Oil Only” Program Package – $225 MSRP

Brand New: Car Oil Change Near Me Program Package – $225 MSRP

Car oil change near me? Ultimately care for your vehicle and ensure that you ask our car experts at BMW of Reading about our Ultimate Care Oil Services ‘Oil Only’ car maintenance program package which costs an affordable price of $199!

Join a Maintenance Program that is comprehensive, hard to compete against and provides BMW Ultimate Care Oil car maintenance services on all vehicle models with few constraints and restrictions.

BMW oil

Qualifying Vehicles & Program Detail Facts:

  • For vehicles that are older than 60 months or have at least 60K miles driven.

Car Oil Change Near Me | Oil Only Program Details:

  • This car maintenance service is not available for vehicles that are not over 60K miles.
  • Dealer Net Price & $225 MSRP.
  • Coverage stays on the vehicle and can be transferred.
  • Enrollment date: 3-year coverage period/zero mileage restrictions (CBS/SIA eligibility).
  • This car maintenance program is not available for vehicles which are less than 60 months OR less than 60K miles. Vehicles 20-years or older also do not count.
  • Automobiles currently under Ultimate Care +2, +3, or +4 are eligible to enroll in BMW Ultimate Care Oil Services 6-months before the current coverage expires. The Oil Only coverage does not overlap and will only begin after Ultimate Care +2, +3, +4 expire.
  • The Oil Only car maintenance program package is eligible to be purchased multiple times in a vehicle’s lifetime.
  • Once Oil Only is purchased, the service is immediately activated and can begin use.