How to Factory Order a Car?

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Getting exactly the car for sale that you have in mind is every driver’s dream that comes true at BMW of Reading.

In today’s automotive world, ordering precisely what you want, whether it is for preferences related to paint color, model type, extra add-ons, the My BMW APP, or specifically because your new or used dealership near me doesn’t have your car in-stock, there’s plenty of reasons and benefits when it comes to factory ordering a car these days.

Ask our car experts at BMW of Reading how to pre-order a car, truck, SUV or van and gain a pure sense of ease when it comes to buying a new car for sale online or offline.

how to order a car

Can You Order a Car You Want? FAQ’s

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100%. As long as you choose a reliable, credible and trustworthy company that has been in the auto business for quite some time then ordering a car online is entirely safe!

At BMW of Reading and Tom Masano Auto Group, we have been around and immersed in the transportation industry for over 75-years! You can depend on the experts.

It’s common to add a $500-$1.5K deposit. At BMW of Reading, our car experts will order, hold and deliver the exact model you’ve customized to your preferences, right to your location.
Most importantly, when you order a car, it is vital to keep in mind that car buyers will have to wait longer to receive their car opposed to finding an in-stock vehicle on the car lot. When ordering a car, it can take up to 4-months before you receive your car order. The timing is also dependent on customization factors.

Ordering cars for sale near me online is simple. Simply browse vehicles for sale near me at BMW of Reading and decide what vehicle is the perfect ride.

If it happens that you can’t find ‘the one’ on one of our five new and used dealerships near me in Reading, PA then you have options to order your new car for sale right from the manufacturer!

With personalized customization, ordering a car may prove to be beneficial not just for pricing points but for vehicle build and design uniqueness.

Buying cars for sale online is streamlined and easy at BMW of Reading because as leaders in the automotive industry for over 75+-years, we believe in adopting innovative and digital approaches too, thus bringing the car buying experience right to your fingertips. Personalizing the customer experience directly for each driver.

Yes. But, you’ll also need to choose a local new or used dealership near me to help with the factory car order from start to finish and beyond this point.

This is an important question to ask your new or used dealership near me of choice. Keep in mind, it is vital to find out this information before you place your car order.

Get the specifics and ask our car experts questions! Maybe you’ll want to change the paint color from white to black but you are already a month out from the initial purchase date…In these types of situations, it is best to know the answers from the beginning of the car order to avoid any disruptions.

Your new or used dealership near me shall provide a build to order sheet with documents which include:
• The vehicle’s make/model
• Customizations
• Finalized price
• Estimated time of arrival (ETA) of vehicle delivery

The finalized and negotiated price will be documented on the buyer’s order provided to you by your new or used dealership of choice.

The order should also include: vehicle extras, add-ons, customizations, licenses, titles, incentives and tax information. Don’t forget to ask your dealer near me how much you will owe on the date your ordered vehicle is delivered to your location.

When you first begin the car ordering process, it is important to ask the car experts whether there is a sale going on or be sure to disclose your military affiliation, doctor or first-responder status and save even more when you order a car. Keep in mind, certain fields of work yield unique car savings, so ask!
Talk with a car leasing Reading specialist and have access to secure financing for your new car order. Not only will car buyers lock in great prices today, but securing this funding will ensure the reality of your purchase. At BMW of Reading, our leasing experts help drivers gain the financing needed to drive away today!
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