How to Order a Car & Customize It

How to Order a Car?

Welcome to modern-day and augmented reality. In 2022, utilize computer-generated images which help you construct the vehicle that matches your own custom build.

Your BMW creation and all yours!

It’s about time that you get into the real driver’s seat of your very own BMW and pre-order and customize your vehicle in advance from BMW of Reading.

Retrieve the following benefits: 

  • Save on automobile pricing. With an MSRP sticker price and constant inflation, the manufacturer’s price is a good price!
  • Lock in your car deal now before prices continue to inflate onward and upward.
  • Choose exactly what vehicle you want! No more having to settle on paint colors or other additional options. Pick precisely.
  • How to order a car? Although, the wait times are longer than if you were to pick-up your in-stock vehicle at Tom Masano Auto Group in Reading locations; ordering your car is unique, personalized, and may be cheaper in some instances. 100% worth the wait!
  • Ask our car experts in Reading, PA how to customize your car order and we will guide you through the easy process of ordering your new truck, SUV, van or car for sale in advance and right from the manufacturer, to our dealership and expedited directly to you.


When you place a factory order, drivers can get a precise version of the vehicle they want. From color specifics to add-on options and more. At BMW of Reading, our car experts can help walk you through the car ordering process, right from the manufacturer to the dealership of choice.

If the car buyer is located domestically, the car delivery will sometimes take anywhere from six to eight weeks. If the vehicle is imported from overseas, the time frame will take longer for obvious transport reasons. In this case, it could take a few months. But, when you order a car, be prepared to potentially wait four months. Although, lock in your deal NOW and maintain patience.

Absolutely, yes, it is safe to order a car online. But it is vital to ensure the new or used dealership near me is reputable, has good rapport, reviews and has been in business for a good amount of time to lower any potential risks that may occur. In other words, choose a reputable and trustworthy company.

Luckily, BMW of Reading and Tom Masano Auto Group in Reading, PA have been in the automotive business for over 75-years and counting.

Research and read what other customers have to say and then choose what dealership near me is the one to help you order and customize your car from the manufacturer.

The price of a vehicle in-stock can run the same price as a car that is ordered from the manufacturer by your dealer of choice; it all depends on various circumstances. Although, in some cases, your vehicle order could be cheaper. Ordering a vehicle allows you to have it all design-wise and lock in a sales price NOW!

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