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Owning an electric vehicle is an exciting accomplishment and driving one is loads of fun! Since vehicle wear and tear is inevitable, it is wise to drop in to the electric vehicle automotive service experts in Berks County, PA. 

Head over to BMW of Reading and service your EV for your regular car maintenance. 

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Choose Regular Car Service for Your Electric Vehicle and Maintain Highest Safety & Value In Reading!

EV Battery Replacement – Is It Time? 

Are you noticing that your electric vehicle is not charging as fast as it used to? There are many reasons why you should receive an EV inspection. 

Look out for signs which will give you hints that you need to bring your EV into the experts.

Since the EV battery is a major car part and component that runs the vehicle, you’ll need your battery serviced or you’ll need to replace your battery if you notice the following:

  • Your EV battery is depleting faster and takes longer to charge via a wall charging station or public charging stations near me
  • Are you hearing strange sounds that come from your EV while you drive or if your vehicle is idle?

EV Battery Car Maintenance

First things first, check with your electric vehicle manufacturer and the warranty/extended warranty you agreed upon when you initially purchased the vehicle. 

After doing so, let our automotive experts in Berks County, PA know your warranty insight and we’ll ensure your battery runs efficiently brand new!

It is typical for new BMW i4 & iX EV battery warranties to last: 

  • 4 years/up to 50,000 miles 
  • 8 years/up to 100,000 miles 


Electric Vehicle Regenerative Brake System Car Check-Up

EV’s and hybrid vehicles are commonly designed with regenerative braking systems. This innovative mechanism relates not only to the brakes but also the EV battery. 

The way it works, the brakes output kinetic energy, the system then converts this energy to electrical power, which then partially charges the EV battery. The regenerative brake system within EV’s and hybrids also works the same way traditional vehicles do, it brakes and slows the EV down. 

If you need your regenerative brake system inspected or replaced, connect with our EV service experts at BMW of Reading.

Tire Car Maintenance 

What is proper tire maintenance? 

It’s always a good idea to refer to your owner’s manual as every vehicle operates differently. 

Within your EV manual, you will find important information, including what tire pressure your vehicle’s wheels should be. It’s best to check your tire pressure every now and then, especially during seasonal weather changes. 

If you notice a nail or you keep getting notifications about your EV tire pressure, drop in to our Berks County location in Reading and we’ll inspect your EV tires & provide a helpful solution so you can drive on your way!

How often should I service my tires? 

This all depends on how often you drive or plan to drive your vehicle throughout the year. 

A rule of safety is, if you have a road trip planned or if it’s a change of season, you should get your tires inspected by a seasoned automotive EV service expert at BMW of Reading. 

Generally, quality tires are meant to last anywhere from 3-6 years, depending on your day-to-day driving habits. 

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Electric Vehicle Car Accessories are Also Available

Everything Automotive

From regular EV service, car maintenance & repair, paint protection services, car detailing, window tint, car accessories, new and used cars for sale, work trucks, you name it, we have it. 

For all of your electric vehicle service needs, contact the EV certified automotive experts. 

We look forward to helping you drive a greener, safer and more enjoyable electric ride. 

Call us at 610-777-1500 or browse new or used vehicles for sale near me and buy cars online from the comfort of your home!

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