Design Body Kit For BMW i8 Revealed

March 15th, 2018 by

The company known as 3D Design recently posted a photograph gallery of a new design body kit for tuning the 2018 BMW i8 — a luxury sports car that already has all of BMW’s trademarked perfection — and both our team at BMW of Reading and Internet car world were rocked.

The BMW Blog refers to the 2018 BMW i8 as a vehicle that looks as if it “was transported back into our present day from some distant future” and the body kit from 3D Design serves to enhance the otherworld feel of this elegant hybrid driving machine.

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The pictures from 3D Design show that the kit includes new features for the exterior and interior of the 2018 BMW i8. For the exterior of the 2018 BMW i8, the body kit has a new front bumper spoiler, a new rear diffuser that almost covers the entire rear bumper and a new tailpipe right under the license plate. A new fiber carbon wing can be installed between the taillights, giving the rear of the 2018 BMW i8 an aggressive yet stylish look.

Don’t worry, the side sills have not been left out and they also feature add-ons. Inside, 3D Design’s kit takes the approach of enhancing the interior design of the 2018 BMW i8.

The steering wheel can have aluminum billet paddles, with the same material being used for the pedals and the foot rest. If you would like, you also can have 3D Design floor mats. The largest and most attractive aspect of the interior kit, the new 3D Design Recaro seats sport black leather and blue highlights. All in all, your 2018 BMW i8 is guaranteed to be the envy of everyone you pass by on the road when it is decked out in 3D Design’s body kit.

Here at BMW of Reading, we are extremely excited about this body kit and cannot wait to test it out for ourselves.

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