BMW Car Service & Maintenance: When to Drop In?

August 25th, 2023 by

How often should I service my BMW?

Good question! In order to provide your BMW with preventative care and maintenance, drivers should care for their vehicle at minimum, every 10K miles. It’s a good rule of thumb to have your BMW fully assessed at least once a year. This service will usually include replacing engine oil, oil filters and coolant. Read your owner’s manual to find out car service intervals and maintenance for more insight. 

How do I know when my BMW needs oil changed?

Luckily, BMW is intuitive, sleek and straightforward. Your BMW dashboard contains reminder lights that will notify all BMW drivers to change your oil. 

Check your specific owner’s manual and your recommended oil change will be spelled out clearly. By changing your oil on time and regularly, this will help prolong your engine’s life and optimal performance, allowing you to drive an efficient vehicle which will extend the overall life of your vehicle. 

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How to check my BMW service plan? 

Checking your BMW car maintenance plan program starts with viewing your warranty. You can find a ton of information that you didn’t even know about your BMW vehicle when you start to read over and understand your warranty and user manual information. 

How frequently do BMW vehicles need full service? 

BMW vehicles need to be fully serviced every 10K miles but it’s vital to follow standard vehicle tips and keep up with regular BMW vehicle service at minimum, yearly. 

Maintaining the safety of your vehicle preserves your vehicle throughout the years and offers you and your passengers utmost safety while driving on the road. 

How much does BMW service cost?

BMW service costs can vary as each driver has different driving habits. Depending on the service your vehicle needs, our experts will always provide top-notch and transparent BMW service for your car or SUV.

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When it comes to BMW car service, timing is of the essence. It is important to realize that your vehicle will not only need regular maintenance, oil lube and filter changes, but your BMW will need tire care, brake system repairs, engine care, cooling system, transmission and drivetrain check-ups and maintenance over time. 

Suspension and steering, exhaust system checks and scheduled maintenance intervals, plus warranty and extended maintenance plans will also be performed by our experts in Reading, PA. 

In fact, our service experts at BMW of Reading & Masano Collision will provide a 138-point vehicle inspection to ensure your BMW is covered for every single service it needs throughout the lifetime of the vehicle.  

BMW Tire Care

As you drive to and from your destinations, your wheels will also need repair for simple wear and tear. When it comes to your tires, you’ll need regular tire rotations as this will extend the life of the tires. 

Wheel alignment will also help avoid uneven wear and tear on your wheels and will improve driving,  handling and performance. 

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Regular Car Maintenance In Reading, PA – BMW Vehicles 

Oil changes help maintain engine health and performance, which is why this type of regular car maintenance is essential to keep your BMW in tip-top shape. 

When you bring your vehicle into BMW of Reading and Masano Collision for car service, repair and maintenance, we ensure that all fluid checks and replacements are conducted and implemented as well. 

Regular and full maintenance checks also includes: air cabin filter, fuel filter, transmission fluids and more. We’ll also ensure that filter replacements are also changed and replaced for your BMW’s optimal driving performance.

Our team at BMW of Reading and Masano Collision use specialized diagnostic tools and software, this way, we can find and address any issues you may be experiencing at any given time. 

Be sure to read our in-depth overview regarding our 138-point vehicle inspection process that we provide. 

Need car maintenance and service for your BMW? We have you covered in Berks County, PA! Give us a call at 610-777-1500 or drop in today!

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