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April 30th, 2024 by

As the internet continues to evolve, so do online car buyers. It’s common and easy for drivers to buy a car online and have it delivered straight to your location of choice. 

At BMW of Reading new and used dealership in Berks County, PA, the car buying process online is simple. 

Shop for cars on our reliable online buying platform: Rev, The Tom Masano Webstore and drive away with your dream BMW vehicle today! 

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Before you decide on which car you want to buy, you’ll want to carry out the following processes:

Research the Vehicle You Plan to Buy

Decipher your budget, the vehicle features that you want, read reviews from past drivers and decide on if you want to buy a new or used vehicle for sale in-store from BMW of Reading in Berks County or on our online buying platform. 

REV, The Tom Masano Webstore: Our Reliable & Transparent Online Buying Platform 

With our reputable, transparent and reliable online automotive store, you can buy a car and have it delivered with 100% online capabilities. Our automotive store has been existing for over 75-years.  

Search Our Online Inventory

You’ll need to ask yourself what your budget is and what vehicle specifications you require. Next, search our HUGE inventory of cars, trucks and SUVs for sale. 

BMW dealership near me, buy a car online and have it delivered

Research Vehicle History for the Car, Truck or SUV That You Want

Before you actually purchase your vehicle, you’ll want to review the vehicle history report. This will ensure that you have solid information regarding the vehicle’s past, which will include any accidents the vehicle has been in, car repairs and any past owners. 

Sell Your Car, Trade-In, or Add Your Trade-In Value to Your New Vehicle 

Utilize our KBB tool and gain a vehicle valuation which will minimize your out-of-pocket costs for your new vehicle.

Choose to Finance With Us and Get Pre-Qualified

Be sure to negotiate your vehicle’s price and terms and ensure that you are completely clear on the details such as delivery fees, return policies, etc. (we offer a 5-day money-back guarantee at BMW of Reading and Tom Masano Auto Group).

Decide whether you want to finance through our BMW dealership near me or through your specific private banking institution. You need to fully understand all terms that relate to your loan, interest rates and repayment terms. Any questions? Our automotive sales and finance experts would love to answer any and all questions. Give us a call at: 484-339-0872.

Finally, Complete Your Vehicle Purchase Online

After you agree to the price and terms, you can fully complete your vehicle purchase. You can sign documents digitally and may be asked to provide any necessary information. 

Whether you’re seeking a BMW X5 for sale or a BMW iX SUV for sale, we have tons of vehicle inventory to choose from. Complete your purchase and finalize any additional information.

Lastly, Schedule Your Vehicle to Be Delivered

Pick a time and day that is convenient for you and let our sales representatives at BMW of Reading know when we should deliver your vehicle. Keep in mind, delivery times may take longer, from a few days to weeks depending on the location in the US you are buying from and the type of vehicle you want. 

When Your Vehicle Arrives – Steps:

  1. Inspect your vehicle when you buy a car online and have it delivered
  2. Make sure that the description of your delivered vehicle matches the one that was provided online
  3. Keep an eye out for any issues, damage or inconsistencies, and, if so, report this to us immediately 

Finalize ALL Additional Paperwork

Sign all necessary documents and complete your vehicle sale. You may be asked to sign: the bill of sale, any registration forms and title transfer documents. 

Blue BMW cars for sale in Berks County, PA

Now, You Can Enjoy Your Dream Vehicle from BMW of Reading and Tom Masano Auto Group In Berks County, PA

At this point, you should be ready to roll. Take your vehicle for a spin and acquaint yourself with all of the new features your vehicle has to offer.

Remember to read all terms and conditions in-depth and thoroughly. Ask our expert automotive specialists any questions you may have and voila, the buy a car online and have it delivered process is now completed.

We look forward to assisting you when it comes to finding your dream luxury BMW for sale at your local BMW dealership near me. Enjoy!

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