BMW 330e

BMW symbols?

BMW vehicles are built with plenty of innovative complexities. Which is why it is vital to care for your vehicle in Reading, PA on a regular basis to maintain the machinery, parts, and all components involved.


BMW symbols & dashboards may appear confusing at first, but once you educate and acquaint yourself with the most common reasons why these symbols occur, you’ll have reassurance knowing that you’ll know exactly what to do next – head over to BMW of Reading for skilled & quality assistance.


Vehicle symbols exist to inform the driver that your vehicle needs a specific type of car maintenance service; think of this symbol as a friendly reminder meant for the driver and the mechanic.


Our car maintenance experts in Reading, PA are equipped with the right knowledge to solve BMW dashboard issues. We turn off BMW symbol lights once and for all. At BMW of Reading, our car experts ensure that your vehicle is running safely and soundly without dashboard symbol lights glaring straight at you while you drive.


Face the symbol and bring your car into our BMW of Reading, PA location today for an all-around vehicle assessment.


Top BMW Symbols Drivers Face:

1. Check engine light symbol

From emissions to simplistic issues such as not securing your gas cap; never try to solve this on your own as this responsibility requires expert skill level for number one safety.


2. Check oil light symbol

If you drive your vehicle regularly, chances are you’ve driven over 3K miles before your last oil change. Car parts need clean and new oil running throughout the machinery to smoothly continue to run. If this BMW symbol appears, head over to BMW of Reading car maintenance experts for an oil lube and filter service & assessment.


3. Check battery light symbol

Your vehicle’s battery is run off of a charging system, if this symbol appears, you may need a new battery, rust may need to be cleaned off of the current battery, or it may be a car maintenance issue that is more intricate. Get your vehicle serviced in Reading, PA ASAP!


At BMW of Reading, we are here to assist you with all BMW symbols & car maintenance needs. Give us a call to set up an appointment, fill out the form below or drop in and keep your vehicle running safely & smoothly as it should be.

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