New Owners Track Drive Program

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Set New Records!

Do you want to experience all the BMW performance engineered under the hood and in the suspension system? With the BMW New Owners Track Drive program, you can get your shot behind the wheel of a variety of BMW models on a race track when you buy or lease a new 2020 BMW model. For each new BMW purchase, receive two complimentary seats in high-performance BMW models and showcase your skills when you drive a BMW test track. This BMW test drive experience takes you to the limit or grip as you burn rubber around the corners and rocket ahead with the legendary BMW power under the hood. You will have an amazing time, and we are eager to put you behind the wheel. Contact the sales staff at BMW of Reading to learn more about the BMW New Owners Track Drive, and register with BMW by calling 888-345-4BMW.

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BMW New Owners: Conquer The Racetrack 

To register for the experience, present your VIN (Vehicle Identification Number), date of sale, and our BMW of Reading location to redeem this complimentary offer. There is no additional paperwork or cost to experience the thrills of The Ultimate Driving Machine®. The program is held at the BMW Performance Center in South Carolina or Southern California, where you and a guest will learn from our BMW instructors, and then have your chance behind the wheel. The BMW New Owners Track Drive program puts you behind the wheel of a variety of potent BMW models, so you can smoke the tires and feel the high-speed sensation within these advanced models. Accelerate to BMW of Reading today and pick out a new BMW model to experience this hair-raising adventure!

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Join The Excitement Today!

Another feature of this exciting program is exploring the off-road course by sailing over obstacles, climbing hills, accelerating back down, slashing through water, and much more. The climax of the trip is strapping in for a hot lap driven by one of our professionals. They will scream around corners, drift to the limits, and all while you go faster than you have ever gone before. We are happy to bring this unforgettable experience to you when you buy a new BMW model from us. Browse the BMW of Reading inventory to select the BMW model of your dreams and then register in the BMW New Owners Track Drive program by calling 888-345-4BMW for a lifetime trip.

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