BMW iX SUV for Sale Unveiled

The BMW iX SUV for Sale, First of Its Kind – Unveiled by BMW – A Sneak Peek Into the 2022 Lineup

Get ready for a sports utility BMW iX SUV for sale wrapped in safety, ultimate practicality and an electric pioneer of the future in 2022.

News flash for drivers and automotive connoisseurs: BMW has unveiled the very first ALL-electric BMW iX, which is designed for a new era appeal – modern, sleek, organized, and an elegant real deal on 4-wheels that was built to lead a better future, a greener and more sustainable one for all of earth’s inhabitants.

Finally, an SUV for sale design that zips lightyears ahead in the auto world. This 5th Generation of BMW’s eDrive technology is not only FULLY electric, but provides all-wheel drive, is magnetically connected to everything tech and readily helps drivers attain 100% reliability and versatility while leaving zero-carbon behind. (BMW iX utilizes 100% renewable energy and partners with EVgo, a leader in public fast charging networks).

The BMW iX is a perfect find but keep in mind, NOT all details are revealed yet! At BMW Reading, we will keep you updated as we get closer to 2022.

BMW iX Prime Features:

  • A futuristic design for its time
  • Drive large ranges – over 300-miles before needing a charge
  • 2 electric motors and over 500-horsepower calls for ultimate efficiency
  • 0 to 60 mph in less than 5 seconds? – you bet! This standard is met!
  • The interior features offer modernity meets simplicity
  • Envision: high tech, futuristic and oh so spacious

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