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BMW i4 vs. Tesla Model 3: The Winner Is…

The BMW i4 and Tesla Model 3 are continuously trending vehicles that everyone loves to drive once you step inside and go.

Get Seated In 2 Exciting Electric Vehicles for Sale:

• The 2023 Tesla Model 3: MSRP – $46,990

• The 2023 BMW i4: MSRP – $52,000

Both electric vehicles are intricately designed and offer abilities to drive with ease and ultra green efficiency.

white BMW i4 electric vehicle for sale
white i4 BMW for sale in Reading, PA
BMW i4 tire
white BMW i4 EV for sale

Let’s discuss both vehicles.

Before you begin your car buying journey and select your new electric vehicle (EV), start to think about performance, technology, overall cost after taxes and ease-of-use.

Which Electric Vehicle Is Right for You?

Keep in mind, the Tesla Model 3 EV has been around since mid 2017, while the BMW i4 was revealed to the world in 2021. BMW began in 1916 and has existed much longer than Tesla, which was founded in 2003.

The BMW i4 for Sale or the Tesla Model 3?

The answer is easy, live life to the fullest, with the car, truck, van or SUV for sale that you love. Either you’re fond of the BMW i4 or the Tesla Model 3, take yourself on a test ride and decide for yourself.

Determining which vehicle is better isn’t always the answer as these two EV’s have their own unique strengths.

Your decision should be dependent upon which preferences and features you seek for your day-to-day activities.


While the Tesla Model 3 may be cheaper and is faster in terms of take off speed, 0-60 mph in 3.1 seconds versus the BMW i4 for sale which yields 0-60 mph in 3.7 seconds; cheaper isn’t always a wise option.


Although, the BMW i4 costs a tad more, it charges faster, is far more luxurious, traditional & reliably designed.

Basically, the i4 vibe is, sit back and unwind. Pure value.

Electric Vehicles & Timeless Designs:

The Tesla Model 3 looks exactly like a Tesla design, rounded edges and simple; while the BMW i4 front grille screams BMW authenticity, paired with sporty yet refined accents which tops the Model 3 in terms of design.

The two vehicles have a sleek EV appeal and always assure drivers that the future is finally now!

Both vehicles also offer 4-doors and technology advancement that drivers just cannot get with fuel powered cars.

Interior Design and Technology:

Although Tesla offers a minimalist approach, the BMW i4 provides a futuristic & luxurious look with all of the right bells and whistles.

Do you prefer traditional vehicle interiors with physical controls at your fingertips rather than a touchscreen all-around?

Choose a BMW i4 as you’ll receive the best of both worlds, sustainable yet traditional.

The Tesla’s interior is entirely touchscreen for the most part.

EV Tax Credits:

Don’t forget to look into the tax credits that exist when you decide to purchase a brand new electric car for sale.

Consult with a tax advisor and you could potentially receive a maximum of up to $7.5K in tax credits for choosing to drive a green and sustainable vehicle.

Before deciding on your vehicle of choice, factor in whether you want a luxurious and authentic BMW for sale or a minimalistic Tesla.

Most importantly, keep in mind, BMW uses the latest technology which is why a BMW i4 provides drivers with faster charging capabilities compared to the Tesla Model 3.

The EV winner is the BMW i4 for fast charging times, plus unique & traditional luxury.

Drop in to BMW of Reading new and used car dealership near me in Pennsylvania and check out your new electric vehicle today!

Our inventory is massive. Buy cars online or test drive your new or used EV for sale today!

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