BMW Fuel Options

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Sometimes driving a vehicle with a classic gas engine can feel uninspired and tired. Sometimes you want either a little more power from your engine or you want your engine to run smoother and more efficiently. We are sure there are times where you wish you could save at the pump, due to ever-fluctuating gas prices. BMW of Reading provides you with a variety of options when it comes to engines, from gasoline engines to diesel engines and the renowned hybrid iPerformance series of engines. There are many vehicles in the X Series line of models and the 3 Series line of models that offer diesel and/or turbodiesel options for their engines. BMW made a promise to bring more powerful and more efficient options to their engine line-up, and year after year they have made good on this promise by offering a wide array of engine options under the hoods of their new BMW models.

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BMW iPerformance Vehicles

BMW is thrilled to say that charging is changing the world. That is why they are constantly developing hybrid vehicle innovations that increase efficiency and work to conserve resources. With the hybrid series of iPerformance vehicles, what you want from a luxury vehicle won’t be inhibited by fuel efficiency and your daily life won’t be interrupted. Spend less and go farther behind the wheel of a BMW iPerformance vehicle. BMW of Reading, your Reading BMW home, is happy to say that these vehicles are the optimal combination of power and performance, bringing you everything you want from a hybrid luxury vehicle.

BMW i Models

BMW boasts that high-performance electric mobility isn’t just attainable but it is absolutely sustainable as well. Each one of these BMW i Models are crafted from the ground up to bring you one-of-a-kind electric power that combines performance with the innovative eDrive tech. Come into your Reading BMW home, BMW of Reading, and check out the instant, quiet, smooth acceleration of an all-electric BMW engine. This series of models has been manufactured to be incredibly efficient, outfitted with Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic, which is as strong as steel and half the weight. BMW mass-produces this material, typically found in race cars, so that every BMW i Model feels every benefit of the Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic, and it runs as efficiently as possible.

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