BMW Films takes over The Tonight Show

February 8th, 2017 by

Tonight at 11:35 p.m. EST, BMW Films will take over NBC’s “Tonight
Show with Jimmy Fallon.” The national audience will be treated to a viewing of “The Escape,” starring Oscar®
nominated actor Clive Owen and the all-new BMW 5 Series Sedan, which will be shown in four two-minute
segments during the show’s commercial breaks and then directed to to see the exciting finale.

Presented as an homage on the 15th anniversary of the original BMW Films series, “The Escape” is an action-packed
short film from Academy Award® nominated director Neill Blomkamp (“District 9,” “Elysium”) featuring original
BMW Films star Clive Owen (“Closer,” “Children of Men”). The star-studded cast also includes Dakota Fanning (“War
of the Worlds,” “I am Sam”), Jon Bernthal (“The Punisher,” “Daredevil”) and Oscar® nominee Vera Farmiga (“The
Departed,” “Up in the Air”).

In addition to showcasing the all-new BMW 5 Series sedan, which will launch this week at BMW dealerships
nationwide, “The Escape” features BMW’s own Matt Mullins, chief driving instructor at the BMW Performance
Driving Center, as Clive Owen’s driving stunt double responsible for the exciting driving sequences in the film.

The critically acclaimed original BMW Films series, “The Hire,” included eight short films which were released in two
seasons from 2001-2002. Each film featured then rising-star Clive Owen as “The Driver”, a mysterious man hired to
complete various missions, and was directed by some of Hollywood’s best and brightest talent including future
Academy Award® winners Alejandro G. In?a?rritu and Ang Lee; Joe Carnahan, Wong Kar-wai, Guy Ritchie, John Woo
and the late John Frankenheimer and Tony Scott.

If you haven’t yet seen “The Escape” and don’t want to wait until tonight, go to now to
view the 10 minute film, and a special behind-the-scenes featurette. 

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