BMW Dashboard Lights: What Do They Mean?

March 29th, 2024 by

So, you’re driving and then all of the sudden a BMW dashboard warning light appears.

It is vital to know what each dashboard light notification means, this way, you can know what to do and what actions to take to solve the issue. 

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Need car service ASAP? Schedule an appointment or drop in. Learn all about BMW dashboard lights and notifications. 

It is generally known that BMW dashboard light color codes range from red, orange and yellow. Blue and green lights often relate to technology/vehicle features that are in use. 

If a red notification/light is present on your BMW dashboard, this can indicate an issue that requires an inspection and resolution ASAP! Orange and yellow BMW color codes indicate a warning, must be addressed sooner rather than later and usually aren’t as critical as red color codes. Either way, get to your nearest BMW Service Center in Berks County, PA.

BMW Dashboard Warning Lights and Symbols: 

1. BMW Check Engine Light: 

This may indicate an engine or an emission issue. If this is displayed in your dashboard notifications then head over to our BMW Service Center in Reading, PA.   

2. BMW Oil Level Light: 

BMW vehicle sensors can detect whether your oil is running low. If this light turns on, then you’ll need Berks County certified BMW mechanics to provide a fix. Choose your nearest BMW Service Center, open Monday through Friday or Saturday for number one convenience.

BMW dashboard light notification symbols

3. BMW Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS):

Tire pressure changes throughout the seasons depending on the weather and as time passes. Your BMW tire pressure monitoring system is advanced and intuitive, it will warn you when you need to fill up your tires with air. 

This system will also appear in your BMW dashboard if a nail is slowly deflating your tire(s) as this will certainly affect your tire pressure monitoring system. Every model is different, so be sure to check your owner’s manual to know what an ideal tire pressure level is for your vehicle.  

4. BMW Service Reminders Light: 

With advanced & evolving designs and technology, BMW service reminders are set from the manufacturer and will pop-up on your BMW dashboard as a notification. If a light suddenly appears in your vehicle’s dashboard, the best decision is to have a BMW certified expert at BMW of Reading assess your vehicle, solve the issue & reset the system to turn off the notification.  

Once a warning light arrives on your BMW dashboard, consult the service experts in Reading, PA. 

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