What To Put In Your Roadside Emergency Kit

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Though driving can become tedious, especially if you have a long daily commute to and from work, nothing beats being able to drive just for the sheer fun of it and taking on an open road to see what lies ahead. However, it is highly important that you remember anything can happen while you travel and that various crises — even accidents — can come out of nowhere. That is why our team at BMW of Reading, your Reading BMW destination, strongly encourages our customers to prepare and keep a fully-stocked roadside emergency kit in their BMW.

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What Type Of Gas Does My New BMW Take?

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Your BMW in Reading is a fine-tuned machine that takes you wherever you want to go and does so in style. That is why it is absolutely critical that you give it the proper kind of fuel, so that it can continue to operate at tip-top condition. If you use a lesser grade of fuel, you may find that your BMW in Reading will be less responsive or even that the engine of your BMW will suffer. Here at BMW of Reading, your local BMW dealership in PA, we want our customers always to use the highest quality gasoline possible…

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Tips On Maintaining Your New BMW

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When you visit BMW of Reading, your local BMW dealership in PA, you are sure to find the BMW in Reading you have been looking for that will elevate your drive. You will, however, have to regularly maintain your new vehicle and make sure that all of its components are in the best shape they can be. Our expert staff at BMW of Reading, your Reading BMW destination, want to help you do that, so we have given several service tips below to keep your BMW in Reading operating at peak performance.

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Why Do Wheels Matter? The Difference Tires Make

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Our team at BMW of Reading, your local BMW dealership in PA, wants to remind our customers about the importance of maintaining your tires and wheels. After all, your wheels are one of the most crucial aspects in ensuring your BMW in Reading keeps moving and takes you to all of your destinations.
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Road Tripping This Summer? Do These Five Things First

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BMW of Reading, your BMW dealership in PA, knows that summer is the time for road tripping with family and friends. We want to make sure that your vehicle is fully equipped to get you where you need to go. Make sure your Reading BMW is properly prepared with these five easy steps

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2019 BMW 8 Series To Be Unveiled This Summer

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After much anticipation, BMW has announced that it will unveil the 2019 BMW 8 Series coupe in June, before the 24 Hours of Le Mans Circuit. Our team at BMW of Reading, your local BMW dealership in PA, is extremely excited by this news.

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Celebrate National Car Care Month Every Month

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Our factory-trained service technicians are ready to guarantee that your brakes, tires, windshield wipers, engine and everything else are in their best condition. Your BMW is extremely important in your everyday life, so naturally, you want it to run as long as you need it to. Make sure you keep your BMW at peak performance by taking proper care of it, especially during National Car Care Month.

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Spring Cleaning: Don't Forget Your Car!


Spring cleaning is a practice that takes place when the weather turns warm and people decide to clear away all the clutter, literally and figuratively, from their home and their life. Our team at BMW of Reading, your local BMW dealership in PA, wants to remind all of our customers to make sure they do not forget to place their BMW on their to-do list.

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