How do I know when I need new tires? 

With the winter months and cold freezes reigning down with a vengeance, it is vital that drivers get your tires assessed, not just for the freezing months but especially for all seasons. 

Plus, if you are headed out on a long road journey, it is always better to be safe than sorry. 

Winter, summer, spring, and fall, no matter the month or the season, drivers will need to ensure that tires are safe to roll along the way anywhere and everywhere you want to go! 

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Tires are a vital aspect as these four wheels help us get from here to there; A to B to C. 

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There are several indications that point to the fact that you need to replace your tires. 

Learn various tips from BMW of Reading before you end up waiting long wait times for roadside assistance to show up or trying to change your worn out tire on the side of a dangerous and busy highway or desolate road late at night.

Secondly, always ensure that you carry a spare tire in your trunk and a car jack just in case you wind up in a pickle and need to change the tire yourself. 

What are Signs of Bad Tires? – How to Know If You Need New Tires

Keep in mind, tire tread is what gives tires traction on the road. Staying safe while driving includes making sure that all four tires are safe, aligned and have enough tread to handle smooth and sometimes treacherous roads that lie ahead. 

The penny method is a VERY easy tire test:

  • Try the Tire Tread Wear Penny Test

    • First of all, many drivers wonder, is the penny test for tires accurate? This tests the thickness of the tire tread and the grooves on the tire. This test lets drivers know if the tire tread is too low or if you need to replace your tires altogether. Mostly, this test is accurate if it is carried out properly.
    • Grab a penny and head over to your tires. Face the penny of President Lincoln’s head face downward. Insert this coin into the grooves of the tire tread. If it turns out Lincoln’s head is covered then your tire tread is okay.
    • If Lincoln’s head is showing then your tire tread is worn out and you certainly need to replace your tires.
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  • Tire Element Exposures

    • If your tires look bald and have no grooves inside of the tires to place the penny, then this is a telltale sign that you need affordable tires near me Reading ASAP. Bald tires can lead to road and traction problems, especially when managing unpredictable weather conditions on the road. Bald tires can also lead to skids which can turn into hazardous and unsafe accidents!
  • Do You Constantly Get Air Pressure Notifications?

    • If your vehicle keeps alerting you about low tire air pressure, then this indication may mean that you ran over a nail and the object is slowly causing your tires to leak air or it could signify that you need to replace your tires all together or at least get your tire(s) patched.
  • Uneven Tire Tread

    • If one tire tread is off or bald, this could mean that other tires will become or are currently misaligned as a whole. 
    • Driving unevenly could lead to potential unfortunate circumstances on the road. Worn out tire tread and grooves means you’ll need an assessment and car maintenance completed at BMW of Reading right away!
  • Tires Making Noises or Vibration Sounds?

    • From inflated tires, to misalignments, suspension issues or worn out tires, these strange exterior noises could be stemming from problems that relate to your tires. Don’t wait too long as safe tires are an essential component of safe driving. 
  • Tire Rubber Cracked?

    • Either from age, weather, improper use or simple degradation; if tire rubber is cracked-looking, you’ll need a tire replacement quickly! Contact the car experts in Reading, PA for car maintenance.
  • Do You Notice Bubbles on the Side of Your Tires?

    • If this is the case, then air could have potentially gotten trapped in the inner layers of the tire. If so, it is about time that you seek affordable tires near me Reading.

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