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The BMW iX is an electric SUV for Sale

Built with absolute purpose: precisely. Step inside and ride electric! An innovative, green and sustainable BMW pick. Buckle your seatbelt, click and drive!

This all-electric SUV ride is meant to turn heads, left and right.  

This vehicle for sale is built for BMW drivers that want number one sustainability.

Driving Specs:

  • Starting at $83,200 MSRP
  • 516hp robust horsepower 
  • Driving range 324 mpg before the battery needs a charge 
  • 0-60 mph in 5 seconds!
  • Powerful 100 kWh battery
  • Ample space while closely resembling the BMW X5

2022/2023 BMW iX Highlights:

  • Incredible driving range!
  • Increased acceleration and aerodynamic 
  • Charging capacity and expediency
  • Intelligent design


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Yes, this electric vehicle provides all-wheel drive features that emits an all out adventure vibe for you and your driving tribe!

With optimized traction, drivers can be rest assured that this SUV for sale exudes top-notch performance during the most adverse and unpredictable weather events. With the perfect amount of torque distributed to the front and rear tires, this vehicle is sturdy, reliable yet transformationally futuristic.

Fully electric SUV? Yes, you bet, this all-electric vehicle is ready to jet set off of BMW of Reading car lots in Reading, PA and onto unexplored roads.

This luxury SUV for sale charges up without fuel, ensuring drivers maintain ultimate sustainability and practicality for the long haul.

The iX can potentially exceed up to 0-60 mph in less than 4.4 seconds and can reach a maximum speed of 124 mph according to BMW.

Yes, as of 2022, the BMW iX is released and is ready for drivers to take a seat and drive off of our car lot in Reading, PA at BMW of Reading.

Ask our experts to test drive your all-electric BMW iX SUV for sale near me and start a future with intelligent sustainability at the forefront of your new & innovative driving journey.

Believe it or not, the iX is a tad bit shorter than the X5, although the difference is so small, many drivers do not notice the difference in size at all.

This SUV is built as a large SUV, so if you’re wondering if the iX is spacious, the answer is, yes, 100%!

Enter the BMW iX all-electric SUV for sale and engage in an electrifying experience sharper and edgier than any other large SUV electric vehicle on the market! MSRP begins at $83,200!

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